In today’s real estate market, short selling  is a common and frequent practice in listing a home for sale. A short sale occurs when the seller owes more than what the house is worth. Short sales are often the result of home values in a market rapidly declining and many homes on today’s real estate market for sale are short sale listings. Short sales may be a way for homeowners to avoid foreclosure and pay off their loan with a negotiated shortfall to the lender.

There is not a certain formula or criteria to follow when representing a short sale of a property.  Each bank has its own guidelines and approval process.  That is why it is so important to have the right team of professionals guiding and instructing a home owner when marketing and listing their home as a short sale property.

We have taken a very pro-active approach in representing a Seller in these challenging times.  Our Sellers have professional assistance from the inception of placing their home on the market as a short sale property.  We have experienced network consultants that will walk you through the process, review all short sale packages, assist with letters of hardship and  post on-line, all current activity to keep us informed of the approval process.  This takes the stress and burden away from our Seller and allows them to find financial liberty and move on with their lives. 

The circumstances of short selling a property does not have to be a negative connotation.  Most short sale properties resolve to be beneficial and allows our clients to move ahead again. Let us put positive back in your life and assist you with this process. We understand this is a very sensitive matter and we have helped a
numerous amount of homeowners in this challenging situation.