You’ll want your home to sell fast and at the best price. In order to make that happen, consider the presentation of your home. It’s best to plan ahead and set your home for visual appeal to entice potential buyers.

Luxury Mansion Interior
Bright Livingroom


The advantages of staging your home are that it will make it look bigger, warming and more inviting and will entice a buyer to choose your property over any others.  A properly staged home will present the right atmosphere, encouraging a vested interest in the home and will let the buyer see themselves as the new owner.You can make the effort to stage your home, or you can hire a professional home stager.


Remove/Replace Favorite Items. You won’t want to 
disappoint a buyer when they learn that they can’t have
that precious vase that you intend to keep. 
Basic rule:  don’t show what is not part of the deal.


Make Minor Repairs. Patch holes in any walls, fix all doors
and drawers. Maybe a fresh coat of paint, in a neutral color.


Make the House Sparkle! A clean home makes a desirable
home. Don’t forget to put out fresh towels in the bathroom 
and remove old, smelly items from the refrigerator. 


Scrutinize.Take an objective look around your home, even
outside. Consider the first impression that any buyer will 
get from a first glance.  Remove those things that distract 
from your home’s appeal and fix anything that is broken.


Check Curb Appeal. This is your first change to make a
favorable impression of your home. An attractive exterior 
will get the buyer out of their car and into your house for
a further review. Freshen up the landscape and keep the
sidewalks clean and free of debris.


Disassociate Yourself With Your Home. As you will be 
moving on, it's best to think of the house as no longer yours,
but soon to belong to another. This will help you let go of the
house and prepare it for its sale and for the next owner.


De-Personalize. Remove your photographs so that the
potential buyer can envision the home with their artifacts.
It will give them a chance to think of the home as theirs, 
not yours.


De-Clutter! Make your home a presentable showcase,
free of unnecessary items that may be a distraction to
a buyer.

Rearrange Bedroom Closets and Kitchen Cabinets.
A neatly sorted closet or cabinets will give the impression
that you've taken care of your home, a great selling point
for the buyer to consider.


Rent a Storage Unit. You should store excessive furniture 
in offsite. The less furniture for the buyer to walk around, 
the better.  Consider how the room appears larger when 
you’ve taken out extra leaves of a dining room table.